Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Solar Water Purification System Testing Today!

Drinking Water – it’s a problem.
Africa Windmill Project is working on a sustainable, affordable solution for rural villages in Malawi….We TESTED bore-hole wells that are in some villages and the open wells that we find in our villages, this is what we found:
The Malawians we are working with do not have access to healthy water or sanitation so we began working in the US to develop a solar water purification system. This system needed to be similar to the windmill in that it will be able to be made out of locally available and known materials, and will be simple to construct and operate.

Adam & Derek finished setting up the system last night so today is Test 1. At 8 am the temperature was 82 degrees (aim 165) and water level was ¼ inch below the tape. If all goes according to plan water will transfer to pasteurized water bucket (orange) as soon as the water temperature heats up to proper temperatures.

Disease causing organisms such as worms, protozoa cysts, bacteria (cholera, giardia, e.coli, shigella, and salmonella) and other viruses (hepatitis A, rotavirus) are killed by exposure to heat in a process called pasteurization. Water is a critical issue facing the global population. The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of all diseases are caused by infected / contaminated water. Therefore pasteurization (destroying of disease causing organisms) is critical. Although we have begun with irrigation in these villages, the need for everyone to have healthy, clean drinking water is at the forefront of our thoughts and plans. Although it is hard to understand in the US, Malawians are not aware that their water can make them sick (diarrhea). By beginning with agriculture and working into drinking water we are finding that the villagers are readily accepting our recommendations (such as, not dipping each households bucket into the water source). We know that with nutritious food, enough of it and healthy water, systemic change will occur in Malawi.

Also, not to be remiss, I want to mention that we are in the midst of a fundraiser to purchase a field vehicle for our Malawi staff. We are so close, thanks to a donor who agreed to match the remainder of our need! Today we are at $7,615 (which is AWESOME!) but we still have $3,692.50 left to go before June 1st. Please consider sharing this post or the previous one about the vehicle with your “peeps”. We are so grateful for your support! (They are too!)

Rural areas of Malawi have very low access to healthy water (40%) and sanitation (1%). (source). Africa Windmill Project enables You to effect change in these children's lives. Please Partner with us.